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Sculpture - JonOne
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At The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art during the exhibition « Born in the Streets – Graffiti », JonOne presented work (cf The Tree of Life, 2009) that was remarkably constructed, that stressed the importance of the frame, conceived as an oversized door, inhabited by his signature. The signs of the graffiti framed this monumental structure (arrows, stars…)

The force of the message of identity emanating from this piece also revealed a new intention – a three dimensional freedom of expression that can be developed to take the form of a work of sculpture or installation.


The intention was confirmed by a new work in volume exposed at the Grand Palais during Art Paris (cf picture below). It consisted of a monumental sculpture made of very rough materials – wooden beams from an abandoned warehouse, steel, enormous nuts and bolts. The empty spaces were vey important and showed the possibility of a passageway, allowing for a perspective that draws the viewer through.


Extract of the text drafted for the book The Chronicles – David Pluskwa Art Contemporain Editions

Fondation Clément – Martinique, 2018